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Friday, February 26, 2010

Pleasing the Persnickity Pup

Lest you think that we eat tons of good food around here while Merry has to make do with kibble, let me assure you - he eats pretty well.

In fact, Mr. Picky has been known to drive his mom crazy by rejecting even carefully-crafted meals.

Cori mixes a wide variety of scraps and dollops of different food with Merry's kibble and wet food to try to entice him to eat.

Sometimes, we get this response.

Other times, we get this one.

What, no prosciutto? Le sigh.

Canine Haute Cuisine
Serves one picky puppy

1 scoop Iams Low Residue Kibble
1/2 can Iams Low Residue Canned Food
1/2 cup add-ins (His favorites are cheese, cream cheese, peanut butter, Greek yogurt, steak, shrimp, or leftover wiener schnitzel. Prosciutto is also acceptable.)

Mix together. Serve. Hope he eats it.

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